Sunday, August 16, 2009

Follow-up from Summer Handwriting Camp

The inaugural WriteNow Summer Handwriting Camp is now over!  We had  very successful cursive camp full of fine motor, gross motor, and sensorimotor activities.   A kinesthetic approach (Mary Benbow's Loops and Groups) was used to teach the campers the formation of lower case letters in cursive.  No matter what their learning style was, all participants benefitted from this approach.  By grouping the letters into 4 fundamental forms, this approach truly engaged the children.  As one of my 8-year old campers said, "Cursive camp is fun!"  Here are some scenes from the week:

All three campers came in with no experience with cursive skills.  We began the week with various gross motor obstacle course activities, such as crab-walking, clothespin exercises, frog jumps, and jumping jacks.  Gross motor activities were used prior to handwriting to enhance the camper's attention.  The Handwriting Without Tears "Wet-Dry-Try" Method was used to build the child's automatic learning of each letter.  They also enjoyed forming the letters in a variety of media, such as shaving cream, sand, and sidewalk chalk.   

Here are some testimonies from the campers and their parents:

"That was the most greatest fun camp I ever had!  So creative." (7-year old boy)

"It was great and I loved the feedback.  This was a great, unique opportunity. Thanks." (Parent of camper)

"I am so impressed with WriteNow.  [My son] had never wrote in cursive before coming here. He thoroughly enjoyed it and we are so thrilled with his progress.  He wrote his own name [in cursive]!" (Parent of camper)

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