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January Promotions

As we start a new year, I would like to offer promotions to my new and returning clients. New clients, you are eligible to receive a free Print Tool evaluation, Handwriting Without Tears' comprehensive handwriting assessment tool.* The Print Tool assesses handwriting in 8 areas: memory, orientation, placement, size, start, sequence, control, and spacing.

The following defines each area:
Memory - Remembering and writing dictated letters
Orientation - Facing letters in the correct direction
Placement - Putting letters on the baseline
Size - Writing too large for current grade
Start - Where each letter begins
Sequence - Order and stroke direction of the letter parts
Control - Neatness and proportion of the letter part
Spacing - Amount of space left between letters in words and words in sentences

Returning clients, I would like to offer you a free session with each referral.**

Happy New Year!

Tiffany Powers-Reid
Handwriting Specialist
WriteNow Handwriting Services

* Offer valid until January 31st. Assessment results will be discussed at your child's first tutoring session. A written assessment will be provided after your child's fourth session.

** Your free session can be redeemed after your referral attends their fourth session. Not valid on previous referrals.

Preschool Handwriting Adventures

Preschool Handwriting Adventure

Students will experience a fun, engaging, multi-sensory method to learn the fundamentals of handwriting. Proper handwriting is essential to succeed in school. Our goal is to equip children with the necessary tools to write with confidence and ease. The end result is better academic performance.

This class emphasizes pencil grasp development, letter and number formation using the award winning Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum and multi-sensory strategies. This class will also works on visual motor readiness! The students will work on drawing a person and shapes. Students will work on coloring, to strengthen manipulation of a pencil while improving pencil/crayon control. Scissor skills will also be addressed in this class. The cost of this class is $250 for this 18-week session, which includes the cost of class, initial visual motor assessment, and workbook/material fees.

Classes are currently forming. For more information contact us at 773.507.5076 or writenow.reid@gmail.com or on the web at handwritingtutor.blogspot.com.