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More Before & After

The above handwriting sample is from a 9 year old boy diagnosed with Autism.  With the use of Mary Below's Loops and Other Groups and Handwriting Without Tears curricula. He was able to quickly master both lower and upper case cursive letters within 8 individual sessions and 5 group sessions.

The above sample is from a 6 year old boy. During his initial evaluation, recurring magic "c" errors were noted, in letter such as "d","g","a","o","Q", and "G". Errors with start point during letter formation were also noted. Both these errors were addressed during his first session, as a result significant improvement was noted, as seen below at the end of his first session.


Before and After

The above handwriting sample is from a 5 year old girl. Upon her initial evaluation, she was not able to identify her letters or write them. After 7 sessions, she is now able to identify all of her letters and able to print them as well, as noted in the above sample.


The above sample is from a 10 year old boy.  Both print and cursive handwriting were addressed in individual sessions. After 16 sessions, significant improvement noted in letter formations, spacing, placement, and mostly confidence.  

The above handwriting sample is from a 5 year old boy's initial handwriting evaluation. After 12 individual sessions, he has demonstrated more control and better letter formation of his capital letters, as noted in the below sample.  We are currently addressing lower case letters in order to have him ready to begin kindergarten in the fall.

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Summer Camp

As spring comes in, I have begun my plans for the 2010 WriteNow's Handwriting Summer camp.  I plan on offering two camps, a one week camp geared to solidifying correct letter formation, while working on speed and accuracy.  To help with motivation the wii will be utilized to improve eye-hand coordination while providing a reward system.  I also plan on offering a camp to teach new skills to kids who want to get a jumpstart on the handwriting for the next school. If these camps or individual sessions are in your plans for the summer please contact me, as I currently am in the process of picking dates and times for the camps. Currently camps are scheduled for mid July and early August with a free review day the week before school starts.  Looking forward to talking with both old and new clients regarding summer sessions.