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It's never too late to share an Earth Day message from one of my 9-year old students.

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Good Friday's Good News (Before & After)

As my GOOD FRIDAY comes to an end, I would love to share some of my Good News with you.

The below samples are from a 8-year old girl with fine-motor and visual-motor delays.  The first sample was taken January 2016.  Over the past year, she has demonstrated significant improvement including her printing and cursive writing skills.  See the proof below for yourself.

BEFORE - January 2016
AFTER - April 2017

AFTER - April 2017
Another success story... the photos below are from a 5-year old little boy.  These before and after samples are from 9 months of afterschool tutoring.


One of my favorite "WOW" moments, is from a 4-year old girl who at our initial session could only write a few letters. After 5 sessions, she was able to copy words with ease. 

BEFORE - January 2017
AFTER - February 2017