Saturday, March 31, 2012 0 comments

Preschool Handwriting Class at the Beach

Not wanting to conduct class inside we moved class to the beach. The Preschool Handwriting Class wrote letters in the sand, formed letters with sand, and wrote with chalk all while enjoying an early spring day in March.

A Surprise Cursive Lesson

The above samples are from 6 year who at the end of our tutoring session expressed an interest in cursive writing. After a brief 5 minute introduction to cursive the above sample was created. Currently, he looks forward to ending our sessions with a cursive handwriting lesson. The main goal of that day's session was to create a joke book using proper letter formation and spacing. Writing letters within the lines was also addressed.
Saturday, March 10, 2012 0 comments

Student of the Month

The above samples are from a 6 year old boy who currently comes to tutoring once a week. He has made significant progress during our sessions. I started working with him when he was having difficulty writing upper case letters. Now he is able to write entire sentences with lower case letters & upper case letters with ease. He only requires cues for letters and word spacing. His mother also reports improvement with his writing to do long written reports and homework assignments.