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Before and After

These samples are from one of my students, a 7-year old boy, who I tutor.  During his sessions, we worked on visual and fine motor activities which in turn improved his ability to control his pencil when writitng. As seen clearly, improvement was noted in memory ( remembering and writing dictated letters), orientation (facing letters in correct directions), placement (putting letters on the baseline), size (writing too large for current grade), start (where each letter begins), sequence (order and stroke direction of the letter part), and lastly control (neatness and proportion of the letter parts).  

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Write Now: Bookmaking Class

The above sample is from a 6-year old boy who attended a 5-week Bookmaking Class.  As you can see from Jack's last few pages of his comic book, improvement noted in his letter formation of lower case letters, alignment, letter size, and spacing.

The above is another sample from this 5 week class.  As you can see both printing and cursive letter formation were addressed.   Improvement with letter size, alignment, and letter formation were noted and reported from her mother.

Another fun sample from class.

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By request, I have added an additional week, August 26th to August 29th, to my handwriting summer camp schedule.  Handwriting Summer Adventure Camp and Booking Making: Comics Camp & Scrapbook Adventure Camp will be combined for a full day camp during this week. Camp will run from 10am to 3pm each day and cost $200 for this four day camp.  This camp will prove to be a handwriting jump start geared to get your child ready for the school year this September.