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DATE CHANGE ... Write Now Summer Camp

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Write Now with Games Summer Camp

Back by request...

I'm pleased to inform you that I'm hosting a handwriting summer camp this year in the Hyde Park Area. This camp will be packed with fun, games, and handwriting in both PRINT and CURSIVE.  The camp size will be small. To ensure a spot, please reply to this email and I will forward you information regarding the deposit. Looking forward to working with your child and helping them achieve confidence and ease when writing.


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Happy New Year

Kids are back in action after a long winter break, so that means we are back to practicing our handwriting! Pencil pressure is a common concern with children who struggle with handwriting. I have created a list of some ways that you can help your child either increase or decrease their pencil pressure when they are working on their handwriting at home! 

If your child’s handwriting is too light it may cause difficulty with letter size and placement. 
  • Practice shading coloring pictures with deep pressure, just right, and light pressure 
  • Use a golf tee and write letters or words in clay
  • Put writing paper over rough sandpaper for the tactile response 
  • Using graph paper to make designs (squares, X,/,\)

If your child’s pencil pressure is too hard it may cause fatigue which could lead to careless handwriting:
  • Writing on carbon paper- child has to write lightly so the pencil hardly goes through
  • Warm up with squeezing a stress ball or wheelbarrow walks to give input to the child’s hands before starting
  • Wrap clay around the pencil and if the kid makes a dent in the clay they are applying too much pressure
  • Use mechanical pencil- try not to break the tip
  • Provide an example of Pencil Pressure, too light, just right, too hard

Alexis Howell, OTA/S
Tiffany Powers-Reid, OTR/L
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Alex's amazing progress

It's always a JOY to watch a child soar after receiving occupational therapy services. Alex's amazing growth proves with consistent therapy exponential growth is possible. The email below was written by a Alex's mother. Alex is a 8-years old boy with mild autism and ADHD.  Prior to therapy, his visual motor skills were below average and his motor  coordination skills are very low. After 9 months of therapy, he improved with both his visual motor and motor coordination to within average range.

Hi Tiffany! 

I know most of the time you interface with Alex's dad, but I just wanted to take the time to thank you, so much, for the amazing progress you have helped Alex make on his handwriting. He has literally caught up 4 years in 9 months! His self-confidence and grades at school and educational future have been so enhanced by your work, I just can't thank you enough.

Again, thank you SO much for everything.  

All best, 
Nicole M.

 Before school sample

Initial handwriting sample from 7-2017

Reassessment handwriting sample from 4-2018

Handwriting sample from 8-2017

Handwriting sample from 10-2017

Handwriting sample 4-2018

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A Mother's Day Treat (Before and After)

After 4 sessions, Micky and I decided to show Mom his new skills in the form of a Mother's Day card.



These samples are from a 11-years old boy with no prior cursive training.
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As the new school year starts up and parents are scrambling to obtain school supplies to ensure their children are equipped with the tools and skills they need to be successful for the school year, perhaps there are other tools and skills that are needed that may be overlooked: 

  • Does your child have a history of not turning in completed homework because it falls in the abyss between home and school?

  • Is your child’s backpack littered with dog-eared papers and lost assignments?
  •  Does your child fail to find or record homework assignments? 

  • Is there a gap between your child’s ability as measured by standardized tests and your child’s grades or performance in the classroom? 

A YES to any of these questions could indicate the need for your child to receive services for Executive Functioning.  A recent description of Executive Functioning likened it to the skills that are needed for driving a car.  As a seasoned driver, it seems easy.  But think back to the first time you sat behind the wheel of a car and the many tasks you had to master and control to move the car from point A to point B.  Overwhelming.  But with good instruction and practice, you became the driver you are today!

Executive Functioning involves developing good organization skills to manage tasks involved in completing assignments on time that will lead to success in school and in life.  This includes:

  • Identifying Tasks that are needed to complete an assignment
  • Prioritizing Tasks  
  • Developing and Managing Timelines
  • Organizing assignments for storage and delivery
  • Self- Monitoring and Assessment

These are excellent life skills that will increase your child’s confidence and have a positive impact on his school performance and provide a critical building block for future success in today’s fast moving global world.

If your child struggles with Executive Functioning, please contact me to setup an initial assessment. Do not miss an opportunity to provide your child services and ongoing support which will help your child soar this school year.