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2016 AOTA Annual Conference & Expo

This past weekend I enjoyed every minute at the 2016 American Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference & Expo.  Over 9,000 occupational therapist and students from across the country came together to share knowledge and research findings over a 4 day period in over 1,000 educational sessions. I left conference with an expanded knowledge base and bags full of new OT tools (or as my clients call them toys).  Neitherless, top of my list of unforgettable experiences this weekend was meeting MAT MAN!!!


Let the FUN times ROLL!!!

The kids in class had fun rolling their way to the end of the alphabet.

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Next Thursday "L" and "H" are ready of class adventures. Join PAINT WRITE NOW: Toddler and Preschool Class this Thursday and take advantage of our Febuary Special. For a limited time, the cost of the remaining 5 class is just $58. Don't miss out on another Thursday with PAINT and LETTER Adventures! As always your first class is FREE!!!

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It's not to late!!! Join our PAINT WRITE NOW: Toddler and Preschool Class this Thursday and take advantage of our Winter Special.  For a limited time we are waving our registration fee (a $40 value).  Don't miss out on another Thursday with PAINT and LETTER Adventures!  As always your first class is FREE!!!

Thursdays /  10:30 - 11:30am / 2 - 6 years old  / $180*

    Daystar Center, 1550 S. State Street Chicago, IL 60605

    *The cost of the remaining 9 weeks minus the registration fee.

Registration is ongoing!!!

For more information and to register contact Tiffany Powers-Reid at 773.507.5076 or and send payment through PayPal using the same email address.

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Using the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, children will experience hands on multi-sensory approach to learning the fundamentals of letter formation.  Children will strengthen their color and shape recognition, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness. Our goal is to equip children with the necessary tools to write with confidence and ease.

Thursdays, January 21 - March 24, 2016  /  10:30 - 11:30am 

   2 - 6 years old  / $240

    Daystar Center, 1550 S. State Street Chicago, IL 60605

For more information and to register contact Tiffany Powers-Reid at 773.507.5076 or and send payment through PayPal using the same email address.
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Tiffany's Tuesday Tip

"Life Rolls On"

Fall is here! While I love this time of the year, sometimes I can’t resist travelling to someplace warm just to get that last dash of summer in before the seasons change. I recently had to opportunity to attend the 2015 ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship in La Jolla, CA.

I was both moved and inspired to see so many people and children leaving their wheelchairs behind to surf and enjoy the beach. It was such a stark reminder that we don’t have to let our circumstances limit what’s possible in life. I was particularly inspired by a slogan on one child’s wheelchair that read “Life Rolls On”.  Clearly it does, as the owner, a double leg amputee, was in the ocean having a fantastic time. My goal is to bring that kind of inspiration to my OT clients as we work toward reaching various milestones.

As you help your children get back into their school routine, don’t forget to sign up for handwriting and/or OT services. My schedule is filling up fast, so call or email today to schedule.

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Tiffany's Tuesday Tip

It’s finally summertime, and the livin’ is easy. I really like to take my clients outdoors whenever possible during this time of the year. One of my favorite activities for my outdoor clients is creating an obstacle course. An obstacle course is an excellent way to work on motor planning, problem solving, bilateral coordination and sequential memory.

This activity works really well using playground equipment—other kids at the park will often join in the fun. Use the slides, climbing walls, monkey bars and swings to get your child in motion. Or you can create a DIY version in your own backyard. Be sure to include some running, jumping, climbing and balancing activities when creating your course. Get creative and use objects that you have on hand. A long piece of wood can double as a balance beam. Use a jump rope or garden hose as a makeshift “tightrope.” Throw water balloons at a target. Toss beanbags into a laundry basket. Crawl under a picnic table and over a small cooler. Use sidewalk chalk to draw hopscotch squares to jump through. Take a lap around the yard while pushing a big wheel, tricycle or pulling a wagon. Set up some cones or other objects for your child to weave through. Hula hoop! Or set up several hoops for your child to jump through. The possibilities are endless!