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More handwriting tools...
If you couldn’t already tell, I am a strong proponent of using various tools to help my clients with handwriting issues. Many children require assistance maintaining the proper grip consistently. Common problems include gripping the pencil too tight, not tight enough, holding the pencil with the incorrect fingers…the list goes on. Here are some of my favorite corrective “devices”.

 The Writing Claw Grip

This is one of my favorites because it automatically places your hand in the correct open web, three-finger (tripod) position and can be used for lefties and righties.

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Tiffany's Thursday Tip

Size matters….in handwriting! (I don’t know where you thought I was going with that. J) One of the most challenging tasks for my handwriting students is remembering appropriate letter size and placement. I recently came across a cool resource that can be used at home or in the classroom. The Magnetic Rectasquare Board is essentially a magnetic wipe-off board that comes with several pink, yellow and blue magnets of various sizes. Students can write letters on the appropriately sized squares. This can be used to help with handwriting, spelling and vocabulary. Check it out here:

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Upcoming Homeschool Classes

COME LEARN WITH ME! I'm teaching handwriting classes on Thursdays starting this week at the Ethical Humanist Society, 7574 N. Lincoln Ave, Skokie, IL. My Letter Adventures Class emphasizes letter formation using the award winning Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum and multi-sensory strategies for 2 to 6 year olds. While my new Gaming the Cursive Way Class addresses correct cursive letter formation, while working on speed and accuracy of cursive handwriting for children 8 and up. 

To register, contact me at: or 773-507-5076. Follow this link for more information:…/homescho…/ajcollectiveworkshops/


Happy Easter !!!

Happy Easter!!! During my therapy sessions yesterday, my clients enjoyed hunting for eggs with words in them and I enjoyed watching them demonstrate proper letter formation while writing super silly sentences.

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Tiffany's Thursday Tip

Knots, not just for scouts
After your child masters tying shoelaces, I like to introduce tying other types of knots using different types of rope. This activity is appropriate for older children, typically 9-10 years old. In addition to helping your child earn those ever-coveted scout badges, continued work on tying knots improves visual perception, hand strength and fine motor skills.

The Internet has an abundance of instructional knot sites…Check out here and here. Or if you prefer a book, I like this one.
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Tiffany's Thursday Tip

Board games are a great way to cure boredom and engage your child. Games are a great way to help develop social skills, improve attention span and practice taking turns.  One of my favorites is Operation. This game has the added bonus of helping your child work on his/her fine motor skills.
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Tiffany's Thursday Tip

While spring does not appear to be anywhere in sight on a day like today, trust me, it’s coming. I’ve been encouraging my clients’ parents to break out the spring gym shoes and dress shoes with laces now so when those warmer days finally get here, their kids will be experts at tying their shoes. One of my favorite products to help with shoe tying is the I Can Tie Shoelaces. Check out their how-to video: