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A Mother's Day Treat (Before and After)

After 4 sessions, Micky and I decided to show Mom his new skills in the form of a Mother's Day card.



These samples are from a 11-years old boy with no prior cursive training.
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As the new school year starts up and parents are scrambling to obtain school supplies to ensure their children are equipped with the tools and skills they need to be successful for the school year, perhaps there are other tools and skills that are needed that may be overlooked: 

  • Does your child have a history of not turning in completed homework because it falls in the abyss between home and school?

  • Is your child’s backpack littered with dog-eared papers and lost assignments?
  •  Does your child fail to find or record homework assignments? 

  • Is there a gap between your child’s ability as measured by standardized tests and your child’s grades or performance in the classroom? 

A YES to any of these questions could indicate the need for your child to receive services for Executive Functioning.  A recent description of Executive Functioning likened it to the skills that are needed for driving a car.  As a seasoned driver, it seems easy.  But think back to the first time you sat behind the wheel of a car and the many tasks you had to master and control to move the car from point A to point B.  Overwhelming.  But with good instruction and practice, you became the driver you are today!

Executive Functioning involves developing good organization skills to manage tasks involved in completing assignments on time that will lead to success in school and in life.  This includes:

  • Identifying Tasks that are needed to complete an assignment
  • Prioritizing Tasks  
  • Developing and Managing Timelines
  • Organizing assignments for storage and delivery
  • Self- Monitoring and Assessment

These are excellent life skills that will increase your child’s confidence and have a positive impact on his school performance and provide a critical building block for future success in today’s fast moving global world.

If your child struggles with Executive Functioning, please contact me to setup an initial assessment. Do not miss an opportunity to provide your child services and ongoing support which will help your child soar this school year.

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Before and After: Summer Results

School is around the corner and my summer students are already to go.  Significant progress has been made over the summer. Don't take my word for it, you can see for yourself.

The below samples are from an 8-year old boy who will be entering into the 3rd grade next week after only 5 occupational therapy visits.



These samples are from an 8-year old boy who has Autism after 6 occupational therapy visits.



Lastly, these samples are from a little girl who will be entering the 1st grade after 3-weeks of daily tutoring.



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Mother's Day (before & after)

Mother's Day is an opportunity to have my clients express their love for their Moms. These samples are from a-15 years old boy. The before sample was from a session in December, while his Mother's Day poem was written last week (May).  She's was delighted with his progress and loved her poem.


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Autism Speaks Walk 2017

Autism Speaks Walk is powered by the love of parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, relatives and support providers for people with autism.  Today I had the wonderful opportunity to walk with thousands of people (including my daughter) in support of research to help enhance the lives of those with Autism. 

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It's never too late to share an Earth Day message from one of my 9-year old students.