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Tiffany's Thursday Tip

Knots, not just for scouts
After your child masters tying shoelaces, I like to introduce tying other types of knots using different types of rope. This activity is appropriate for older children, typically 9-10 years old. In addition to helping your child earn those ever-coveted scout badges, continued work on tying knots improves visual perception, hand strength and fine motor skills.

The Internet has an abundance of instructional knot sites…Check out here and here. Or if you prefer a book, I like this one.
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Tiffany's Thursday Tip

Board games are a great way to cure boredom and engage your child. Games are a great way to help develop social skills, improve attention span and practice taking turns.  One of my favorites is Operation. This game has the added bonus of helping your child work on his/her fine motor skills.
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Tiffany's Thursday Tip

While spring does not appear to be anywhere in sight on a day like today, trust me, it’s coming. I’ve been encouraging my clients’ parents to break out the spring gym shoes and dress shoes with laces now so when those warmer days finally get here, their kids will be experts at tying their shoes. One of my favorite products to help with shoe tying is the I Can Tie Shoelaces. Check out their how-to video:

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 

Please find time to have your child to write down three things they are thankful for. Years from now, you or they may find this hand written note and cherish the memory more than you know. 
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Upcoming Classes

Holidays and Handwriting

Holidays, Handwriting, and Art will come together in this workshop. This workshop will emphasize the formation of print or  cursive letters and numbers using the award winning  Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum while creating treasured masterpieces. Students will write a Holiday Letter and create festive mixed media holiday cards. Of course, your child’s very best handwriting will be featured in each project. As you finish up last minute holiday shopping and errands, please let your child join us for some handwriting fun disguise as HOLIDAY FUN

Who: 6 years old and up                              
Where: Day Star Center - 1550 S. State St.
When:  January 13th ,2014  
Session 1: 10am to 12pm 
Session 2: 1pm to 3pm                                            
Cost35 for each session or $60 for both sessions

Write Now Letters Adventures  

    Come Write With Me!!! Students will engage in fun hands-on multi-sensory motor activities to learn the fundamentals and solidify letter formation of both PRINT & CURSIVE.  Shaving cream, play-doh, and Sand are only a few ways your child will experience the joy of writing.  This class emphasizes letter formation using the award winning Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum. Our goal is to equip children with the necessary tools to write with CONFIDENCE and EASE.                                                                                                                                     
Who: 6 years old and up                              
Where: Day Star Center - 1550 S. State St.
When:  January 17th - March 21st » 2pm to 3pm                                             
Cost: $ 175

Preschool  Write Now Adventures
Come Write With Me!!!  This class emphasizes letter formation using the award winning Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum and multi-sensory strategies. The class emphasizes color and shape recognition, plus fine and visual motor skills development. Students engage in fun hands-on sensory motor activities to solidify letter formation without using a pencil. Music and movement are also used to boost memory of the skills learned. 
Who: 2 to 6 years old                                       
Where: Day Star Center - 1550 S. State St. 
When:  January 12th - March 10th » 2pm to 3pm                                             
Cost: $ 210 
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I'm Back!

Now that the kids are back in the swing of things at school it’s probably a good time to reevaluate some of the skills they will need for success. With the implementation of the common core standards, not much emphasis is placed on teaching handwriting in the classroom. However, recent research supports the idea that the process of learning handwriting creates pathways in the brain that help with overall learning.

The good news is that I am available to help your child hone those fine motor skills and improve their penmanship. Write Now Handwriting and Therapeutic Services utilizes the Handwriting Without Tears program to help your child learn to write with ease and confidence. I also provide pediatric occupational therapy servicesI’m also available for small group after school sessions, camps and on-site school consultations.

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