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2011 Summer Camps

As spring comes in, I have begun my plans for the 2011 WriteNow's Handwriting Summer camp. I plan on offering 2 one-week camps, one geared to solidifying correct letter formation, while working on speed and accuracy. I also plan on offering a camp to teach new skills to kids who want to get a jumpstart on their handwriting for the next school. These camps are geared for kindergartners through 4th graders. Currently, camps are scheduled for weeks of August 8th and August 15th with a free review day the week after school starts. Both of these camps will be offered as one-day camps or as weeklong camps. Due to small class size, please call early to schedule an initial assessment. The registration deadline is July 29, 2011. The cost of the week long camp is $300 that includes book, materials, and initial assessment. Day camps cost $50 per day, plus the cost of the assessment. Five hours of instruction will be provided each day. Before and after hours are available if needed. Camps will be held at my home office in the North Kenwood Area of Chicago, just minutes from Hyde Park. Sibling discounted reduced rates are also available. If these camps or individual sessions are in your plans for the summer, please contact me. Looking forward to talking with both old and new clients regarding summer sessions.
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Before and Afters from Spring Break



The above handwriting sample is from a 6-year old boy. Using Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, he was able to quickly improve letter size, letter formation, and word spacing within the weeklong spring break camp.

Below is a follow up email from his parents after camp:
"Thank you so much for your work with K on his handwriting. We noticed immediate improvement. K matter of factly informed us that he had 'used the skills I learned at Ms. Tiffany's' in school on the first day back! K's teacher did notice marked improvement as well -- and, he enjoyed the experience, for which we are eternally grateful. A most gratifying outcome for us has been that he is no longer reluctant to write."

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The above handwriting sample is from a 4-year old girl. Using Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, she was able to quickly learn letter size, and letter formation within the weeklong spring camp. Prior to camp, she had no lower case instruction. We quickly progress throught the upper case letters the first two days of the week, leaving the last three days to focus on numbers and lower cases letters.