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2009 Summer Camp

2009 Summer Camp

August 10th  to August 21st

Campers will experience a fun, engaging, multi-sensory method to learn the fundamentals of handwriting. Proper handwriting is essential to succeed in school. Our goal is to equip children with the necessary tools to write with confidence and ease. The end result is better academic performance. A wide range of methods will be used to obtain this goal of good handwriting habits and skills to an automatic level. Handwriting Without Tears’ handwriting curriculum will be utilized. This award-winning style of learning has helped millions of children obtain successful school readiness and handwriting skills. Loops and Other Groups: A Kinesthetic Writing System will be utilized to teach cursive. In addition to formal handwriting instruction, fine motor skills, eye hand coordination skills, pencil grasp, posture, and more will be addressed in a unique and interesting way!!!!!  Each camper will have a personalized assessment and plan implemented to maximize the benefit of learning.

Printing Camp:

This camp emphasizes pencil grasp development, letter formation using the award winning Handwriting without Tears curriculum and multi-sensory strategies. This class is for beginner printers and for students who have difficulty with sequencing letters, writing within handwriting spaces, and/or with letter formation.  This is a two-hour a day class for 10 sessions. The cost of this camp is $225 to 300, which includes the camp cost, initial assessment, and workbook/material fees.

Cursive Camp:

This camp teaches cursive letters formation using Mary Benbow, MS, OTR/L’s Loops and Other Groups: A Kinesthetic Writing System. Letters are taught in groups that share common movement patterns. Easy-to-remember motor and memory cues help the children visualize and verbalize while they experience the "feel" of the letter. Lower case letters will only be addressed in this camp. This is a one-hour a day class for 10 sessions. The cost of this camp is $150, which includes the camp cost, initial assessment, and workbook/material fees.

  • Printing Camp - Hyde Park Neighborhood Club: 5480 South Kenwood Ave. - 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. -$300
  • Printing Camp - Our Office: 4429 South Berkeley Ave. - 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. - $225
  • Cursive Camp - Our Office: 4429 south Berkeley Ave. - 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.  - $150

Discount programs and payment plans are also available.

Registration for camps requires a nonrefundable $100 deposit, although this fee will be deducted on the first day of class, when total payment is due. This also allows us to keep camp staff/student ratios low. Money will be refunded if the therapist cancels the camp. All campers are required to have a handwriting assessment prior to first day of camp. The cost of this assessment is included in the camp fees.  Registration deadline is August 1, 2009.  For more information please call 773-507-5076 or e-mail 

Private individual sessions and home school group sessions are also available.  Alternative dates available upon request.


"Tiffany Powers-Reid helped my son to significantly improve his handwriting.   She developed a program tailored to his specific needs and designed to help him correct problems and consolidate his writing skills.  Responsive, flexible, and patient, she found ways to overcome his reluctance and made the work fun for him.  She is friendly and professional, and she brings parents and teachers into the process." - Sandra, mother of a 4th grade University of Chicago Laboratory student

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