Monday, May 30, 2016

The Proof is in the Pudding (Before and After)

The road to handwriting success is often bumpy, but definitely worth the effort. This school year many of my clients have demonstrated remarkable improvement in the fundamentals of handwriting and pencil control.  As a therapist and tutor, I love seeing how far my clients have come!

The below sample is from a typically developing 16-year old girl who had no prior cursive handwriting knowledge.  We met for 3-one and half hour tutoring sessions, where she learned formation of all letters in cursive.  Printing formation was also addressed in these sessions.  All those who think it's too late for your older teenager to learn, the proof that it is not is below.

The below sample is from a 7-year old girl with Autism after one year of therapy.  As her handwriting progress from wide ruler yellow highlighter paper to regular ruled paper, improvement on letter formation, letter size and letter placement was noted.

The below sample is from an typically developing 10-year old male after 3 tutoring sessions.  Prior to our sessions, his mother taught his some cursive writing.  At our initial meeting, he demonstrated 70% accuracy with letter formation and 5% of capital letters formation.  In regards to letter connection, he demonstrated 40% accuracy. As you can see below, he now demonstrates 100% accuracy in all areas.  

The below samples are from an 9-year old girl with Downs Syndrome over a 12 month period of therapy. Improvement with pencil control and grasp were also observed.

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