Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Day Fun

During Toddler Letter Adventures class yesterday, the toddlers took part in our very own election. Mat man, an activity tool use to teach body awareness and parts, served as the modorator. Our two candidates shared their platforms. Magic C Bunny shares his ability to magically turn an "C" into a "O" and "Q". While Frog Jump Froggy explained the Frog Jump letter "F".
No election would not be not complete without shaking the candidates hand and posing for a few photos. Do not forget that cannot miss photo for the candidate with a baby.
After all the photos opportunities take place, the toddlers casted their secret ballots by writing an "C" or "F" on their ballot.
AND THE WINNER IS ................. FROG JUMP FROG. Froggy's victory was a landslide.

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