Monday, May 28, 2012

2012 Summer Camps

Students will experience a fun, engaging, multi-sensory method to learn the fundamentals of handwriting. Proper handwriting is essential to succeed in school. Our goal is to equip children with the necessary tools to write with CONFIDENCE and EASE. The end result is better academic performance. Handwriting Summer Adventure Camp emphasize pencil grasp development and the formation of letters and numbers using the award winning Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum and multi-sensory strategies for 5 year old and up children. This curriculum uses a child centered developmental approach to equip children with a solid foundation for handwriting success. Loops and Other Groups: A Kinesthetic Writing System is used to teach cursive letter formation. This curriculum teaches letters in groups that share common movement patterns. Easy-to-remember motor and memory cues help students visualize and verbalize while they experience the “feel” of the letters. All campers will engage in fun hands-on sensory motor activities to solidify letter formation. Music, movement, and sensory experiences will be used to boost memory of the skills learned and foster good handwriting habits. Wii Write Together is geared to solidifying correct letter formation, while working on speed and accuracy of printing and cursive handwriting. The Wii will be utilized to improve eye-hand coordination and provide motivation. Loops and Other Groups and Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum will be utilized. ✦Session 1: July 23-July 27 ✦Session 2:July 30-Aug 3 ✦Session 3: Aug 6- Aug 10 The cost of each session is $240 or just $50 per day, which includes the cost of class and workbook/materials fee. Camp will begin at 10am and run until 3pm, with before and after camp hours available. Private and small group sessions are available throughout on the year.

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