Sunday, September 19, 2010

2010 Summer Camps Recap

The Write Now Summer 2010 Handwriting Camp is now over! This year we had two very successful camps: Wii™ Write Together camp and Printing 101 combined with Visual Motor Adventures camp. Both camps were full of fine motor, visual motor, and sensory motor activities. Our Wii™ Write Together camp focused on solidifying correct cursive letter formation while working on speed and accuracy. Of course, the Wii™ was utilized to provide motivation. Mary Benbow’s Loops and Other Groups: A Kinesthetic Writing System and Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum and multi-sensory strategies were utilized. This kinesthetic approach involved grouping lower case letters into 4 fundamental forms. This approach truly engaged the children while allow them to retain information.

In the Printing 101 combined with Visual Motor Adventure Camp, we addressed pencil grasp development and letter formation using the award winning Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum and multi-sensory strategies. We had beginner printers and students who have difficulty with sequencing letters, writing within handwriting spaces, and/or with forming letters attend this camp. No matter what the skill level was at the beginning of camp, all students completed the week with improved letter formation. The Handwriting Without Tears "Wet-Dry-Try" Method was used to build the child's automatic learning of each letter. They also enjoyed forming the letters in a variety of media, such as shaving cream, sand, and sidewalk chalk. Fine motor activities, like clothespins and pegboard activities were used to improve finger strength thus changing pencil grasp. In addition, all students were given a fine motor activity kit to use at home to continue strengthening exercises at home.

Fall session will begin in October. Please call to enroll today.

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